Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Essential Reading

Get a quick snapshot of the market

Read up on the critical economic indicators:
-Orders for capital goods
-Initial jobless claims
-Home-builder sentiment
-Retail sales
-The bond market

And don't forget the commentary from Morgan stanley. In addition to Stephen Roach, Richard Berner has some food for thought.

Richard asks, "Does the latest energy shock represent another “perfect storm” for the US economy?"

Despite other economic factors, he sees engergy as the most critical component:
"A much sharper-than-expected jump in energy quotes seems likely to depress near-term US growth by more than we have anticipated. And such slower growth and rising headline and core inflation may even create another unappetizing whiff of stagflation. Equally, however, investors would do well to pay heed to the economy’s underlying vitality. As I see it, although near-term growth may slip, even modest energy price relief likely would contribute to a rebound soon."


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